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Welcome to Inspirate

Our Mission

The mission of Inspirate is to educate, advocate, and inspire youth into a more sustainable and innovative future by creating and encouraging environmental knowledge and development through education. We want to re-imagine Climate Education forever.

Our Projects

Image by Malachi Brooks

Wildfire Workshop

Are you interested in exploring and learning more about the recent wildfires we had across the world?

In our interactive wildfire workshop, we will explore wildfires and how it connects with Climate Change. 

Image by Karsten Würth

Environmental Education

We provide environmental education programs for youth to learn about the importance of sustainability and how they can make a positive impact on the environment.

Climate Advocacy

We want to create a new system of climate education -- one that includes action-based solutions with engaging new learning methods that will enhance youth's mindset and learning process. 

Image by Hermes Rivera
Land Pollution

Educational Materials + Clubs

We plan to create clubs in local communities surrounding the topic of sustainable development and encouraging others to learn about this urging topic. We are currently providing educational materials and lesson plans to environmental clubs!

Re-imagining Climate Education Forever

We are 

Inspirate Earth

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